Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics Muscle Builder Review – Does it Work?

Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics Muscle Builder Review – Does it Work?

Growth Fuel by MaxGenics

Growth Fuel

Hey guys-

Every time I log in to facebook, I see ad after ad for supplements that promise to give me MASSIVE muscle gains – just by popping a few pills.

And hey, maybe if you’re actually taking ‘the Juice’ (aka anabolic steroids) getting bigger and more ripped IS just as simple as downing a few capsules every day.

But let’s face it – there are SERIOUS side-effects with steroids… Things like testicle shrinkage, ‘bitch tits’ (yes, where you start to grow boobs), even more dangerous stuff like heart attacks and stroke.

I don’t want to mess with any of that crap. So does that mean I’m stuck with the ridiculous claims of these ‘natural’ muscle building pills?

I guess so.

I looked into a few of the less scammy looking ones, and found that how they claim to work actually makes sense.

So, I took the leap and actually tried one – Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics.

Their logic made sense to me: make your body build more muscle and burn more fat by optimizing levels of 5 important hormones that are KEY for building muscle while staying lean.

Here’s a quick list of these hormones, with a little bit on how Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics helps to ‘optimize’ each one:

  • Testosterone – Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics uses proven ‘free’ testosterone booster, Fenugreek seed, to increase your body’s levels of testosterone – amplifying your muscle gains and giving you more energy and desire in the gym and the bedroom.
  • Estrogen – Natubolic Growth Fuel’s formula contains the herb Macuna Pruriens, which lowers your body’s estrogen levels – helping to eliminate excess body fat and maximize muscle mass.
  • Growth Hormone – Natubolic Growth Fuel uses Colostrum to boost Growth Hormone. This speeds up recovery, aids muscle gains, and burns body fat.
  • Insulin – Insulin is one of your body’s main ‘anabolic’ or mucle-building hormones, allowing proteins and fuel to enter muscle cells and increase muscle size and strength. This supplement has Alpha Lipolic Acid, a natural compound that increases insulin sensitivity for more muscle gains.
  • Cortisol – Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics uses the scandinavian herb Rhodiola Rosea to lower levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol. This reduces recovery time and keeps this dangerous hormone from eating away at your gains.

My Results – Did Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics Work for Me?

Ok. That was too much science.

Here’s what I REALLY wanted to know – would this stuff actually WORK?

I got the ‘growth fuel’ a couple days after I ordered, and started taking a scoop of the stuff, once a day with my morning shake.

I felt a little more energized the first time after I took it, but maybe this was just the placebo effect.

But then, after about a week, I finally had a small breakthrough that told me that maybe there was something to this Natubolic stuff: I finally broke through my plateau I had on the bench – I had been stuck at 250 5×5 for a couple months, and finally stepped it up to 265 5×5. Not a huge boost, but significant for me.

I started to see small, but significant gains in my other lifts as well.

But hey, I’m vain. So when, a couple weeks into my little experiment, my girlfriend saw me with my shirt off and said “Baby, your abs are looking HOT!” I got really excited.

I looked in the mirror, and saw that she was right. That little bit of stubborn fat around my lower abs and obliques had started to go away, revealing a more solid six-pack than I’d seen since my late teens (I’m 29 now).

This made sense, since low estrogen levels and high testosterone levels produce the leanest, most muscular physiques.

Would I Recommend It?

At this point, I think we all are skeptical of the claims muscle building supplements make. But if you’re looking for something to help you get stronger, build more muscle, and get leaner, naturally, I think Natublic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics is worth a try.

Check our MaxGenics Natubolic Growth Fuel.

- Bryan

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